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• Our company was established as a French-Hungarian joint venture in 1994, under the original trading name Polip Insurance Brokers Ltd. It has become a top-ten corporate insurance brokerage in Hungary. As a result of a recent acquisition, its shareholders are now RENOMIA a.s., the leading insurance broker in Central Europe and Peter Takáts, managing director of the company, honorary professor at the Institute of Post-Graduate Legal Studies of the Eötvös-Lorand-University in Budapest.

• The company is ISO 9001/2008 compliant (first audited in 2004 by Det Norske Veritas).

• POLIPINS-RENOMIA offers its services primarily to the corporate sector, including professional organisations, government bodies and municipalities. We construct an effective insurance protection to our client on the basis of an analysis of its relevant risks environment and the comparative evaluation of insurance products available on local and international markets. The company provides services on high professional standards, tailored to the needs of the client. We are also striving to create innovative, professionally demanding risk solutions, in and out of Hungary, including international insurance programmes comprising several jurisdictions.

• As per the results of a nationwide poll published by „Biztosítási Alkuszi Almanach 2009” (Insurance Broker Almanach 2009) the company was awarded by the Hungarian insurance companies as the second best insurance broker among 200+ local players for its professionalism, a rank also confirmed by the 2010 poll.

• Working closely together with the RENOMIA group, the company is able to provide quality services, via international network contacts worldwide and has access to all the relevant international insurance markets.

• POLIPINS-RENOMIA is member of the WING Network of independent insurance brokers, further it represents the EOS Risq network in Hungary. On top of the international network contacts, the company also acts as the service partner to a series of independent insurance brokers in Germany, Israel and the United Kingdom in Hungary and the Central European region.

• Our company is able to render services to its clients in all countries of the Central European region, either via local brokers or directly, via local insurers. The development of this facility is planned primarily in the ex-Yugoslav countries and the Balkans. The first step in this process has been the launch of our Serbian subsidiary in Subotica in March 2015.

We are committed to
represent the interests of
our clients and to provide
quality services on high
professional standards.